Our People

The key to our success is our people. We’ve assembled a team of professionals that take pride in their work and are committed to delivering exceptional results. We love what we do, and deliver on our promises.

Every job is an opportunity to improve and reinforce our reputation for quality and reliability.

Our people are our success.

Our team is like a family; we care for and support each other so we get the best result for our clients.

We celebrate our different backgrounds, skills and experiences. We believe there are no boundaries on what our people can achieve, and we’re committed to providing the training and support to help each one be their best.

Our Team

  • David Cosca

    Managing Director

    In the midst of the 1990’s recession, a young and ambitious David Cosca was presented with an electrical contracting opportunity and decided to grab it with both hands. It was a huge stretch, but he backed himself and delivered. And so Vast Electrical was born.

    That innovative, problem-solving approach and ‘can-do’ attitude is ingrained in our DNA. For over 20 years we’ve backed ourselves to take on new challenges and get the job done on time, on spec and on budget. We want to set the benchmark that others aspire to achieve. We consider each project a partnership, and we step up to deliver outstanding results underpinned by safety, training and technology. We’ve never paid LDs yet, and we don’t plan on starting now.

    David thinks big, and has built a team that has the skills, experience and drive to take on new challenges and reliably deliver the high quality results we’re known for. Growing from a small team to a big deal requires a strong culture, and David’s role has changed significantly over the journey – while he still gets onsite where he can, he now oversees all projects and focuses on mentoring our team to be their best.

    David is excited to watch our young and hungry team continue to develop the skills and experience to reach their full potential and deliver great results for our partners. Our success has been driven by our people, and it’s our people that will drive our standards of quality and reliability over the next 20 years and beyond. Who knows what we can achieve?


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  • Sandra Cosca

    Executive Director

    Vast Electrical’s record of quality and reliability is driven by our people and our culture. To maintain our high standards, Sandra’s primary focus is to support our people and strengthen our culture. It starts with having the right people who align with the company’s values and who share the same hunger to be better every day. We then ensure our people have the tools, training and safety measures in place to get the job done safely on time, on spec and on budget. Finally, everyone from the Managing Director down needs to continually reinforce a culture of safety, quality and delivery through our actions.

    Sandra works with the Managing Director, CFO and Executive Leadership team to set and refine the strategic focus of the business to ensure our activities are aligned to our financial focus and company values. With a strategic outlook underpinned by an innovation mindset, we harness technology to streamline project reporting and completion and provide exceptional solutions for our partners.

    What excites Sandra most about her role is helping our people to grow and be their best. Vast Electrical’s goal is to set the standard in electrical contracting that others aspire to reach. Sandra is proud of what we’ve achieved to date, humbled by the team we have assembled, and excited by what the future holds.

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  • Jarrad Preston

    Estimating Manager

    As Estimating Manager at Vast Electrical, Jarrad’s focus is finding innovative ways to deliver the best financial outcome for our partners and end clients while satisfying our obsession with quality. His commitment to our continual improvement means he is constantly helping to evolve the way we approach our industry and learn and improve from every project.

    Jarrad leads all pre-construction activities encompassing estimating, design and construction delivery. He deals directly with builders and end clients to ensure our product exceeds their expectations. He’s always looking to drive innovation so that our pre-construction systems and processes continually adapt to changing market conditions, practices and technologies.

    Working closely with the Managing Director and the Executive Leadership team, Jarrad helps to map out the company’s strategic direction so that we grow sustainably. Using ongoing market intelligence and project feedback we identify untapped opportunities and determine which sectors have the greatest growth potential. We then select projects to target based on our capabilities and experience.

    Jarrad finds it rewarding to work on projects that support healthy communities and have a meaningful impact on people’s lives. He looks forward to helping Vast Electrical continue to tackle new and exciting challenges and deliver better outcomes for builders, end clients and the community as a whole.

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  • Sam Saad

    Financial Controller

    As the Financial Controller, Sam is responsible for leading Vast Electricals’ financial strategy, cashflow and operations with a strong focus on commercial management. He ensures we have the working capital to support growth as well as the financial stability to maintain our excellent relationships with suppliers, partners and clients.

    Our collaborative internal approach delivers outstanding results for partners and end clients while ensuring we continue to build a solid financial platform for the business. Sam works closely with our Project Managers and the Estimating team to help them understand all financial aspects of each project. The senior leaders have embraced the forecasting model we have built to determine each project’s life cycle and the immediate and future requirements of Vast Electrical’s financial resources.

    As part of the Executive Leadership team, Sam provides regular financial updates to the Managing Director and helps develop strategies to identify the sectors and projects that best fit our business model and objectives.

    Sam manages all compliance requirements and is responsible for our financial systems and processes including implementation, training and continual improvement. He enjoys helping the team to grow and supporting the financial strength of the company.

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  • Ryan Campbell

    Project Manager

    Ryan’s focus is to make life easy for our builder partners. Our core value of ‘reliability’ is characterised by doing what we say we will – so builders don’t need to manage us or deal with errors.

    Because we run lean construction projects to minimise costs and complexity, Vast Electrical project managers are intimately involved in every aspect of the project. We work closely with the site foremen to ensure we continually meet the builder’s requirements while managing costs and meeting deadlines. This provides total transparency for builders.

    Our commitment to creating new leaders from within means there are opportunities for great performers to progress their careers. Having joined Vast Electrical as a fourth year apprentice, Ryan is grateful for the opportunities and mentoring he’s received, especially from Managing Director David Cosca who instilled in him an absolute focus on high quality and efficiency.

    Ryan has worked on a range of exciting and challenging projects including the redevelopments of Ikon Park, Malt District and Caulfield Racecourse. He brings out the best in his team by setting high standards, recognising great work and reinforcing the skills, values and attributes they need to succeed with a focus on quality, reliability and teamwork.

    In this industry you need to keep adapting to keep ahead, and Ryan looks forward to continually improving project delivery and providing great outcomes for partners.

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  • Darren Wade

    Project Manager

    Darren’s focus is helping builders deliver successful projects and helping end clients bring their project vision to life. He finds it rewarding to contribute to a project from start to finish that offers many benefits for clients and the broader community.

    A big part of Darren’s role is supporting the onsite team so they can concentrate on getting the job done on time and on spec. He is energised by the sense of onsite camaraderie and purpose where everyone is working together to achieve one goal, like a successful sports team. This sums up our culture: we want to build a great team environment where everyone works together to get the best result.

    Equality and family are central to who Darren is as a leader and a person. This alignment of personal and company values explains why he has fitted in seamlessly to the Vast Electrical family.

    Looking ahead, Darren’s focus is ‘longevity’: both by delivering successful projects for the next 20 years, and by contributing to a team who reaffirms Vast’s reputation for quality and reliability on every project.

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  • Matt Murdolo


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  • Natasha Sekuloski

    Project Assistant

    As a highly organised and detail-oriented person, the Project Assistant role compliments Natasha’s skills. She supports each project team to ensure there are no onsite delays to projects, freeing up the directors and project managers so they can get on with the job.

    Natasha is involved in all aspects of project delivery, from tenders through to completion. Her varied tasks ensure no two days are the same; every project throws up new challenges and provides opportunities for us to do things better.

    Being an important and reliable part of a team that delivers outstanding results for partners provides Natasha with great satisfaction. There’s a real sense of achievement as we deliver each successful project. Working closely with David, Sandra and the project managers has enabled Natasha to grow professionally and personally.

    Vast Electrical is a positive and dynamic place to work, with a supportive culture that feels more like a family. A company-wide focus on continual improvement means the leaders give the team every opportunity to grow and develop. Natasha’s goal is to support others to be their best, particularly through our apprenticeship development activities.

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  • Adem Huseyin

    Site Foreman

    Adem enjoys the challenge of his role in an industry that is always evolving. It’s rewarding and satisfying to see a project progress week by week and know he is helping to create something that will benefit the community.

    He loves the variety of work that Vast is involved in. No two jobs are the same, which creates new and exciting challenges for every job. One of the best parts of his role is getting to know his coworkers and becoming great friends.

    A huge Richmond fan, Adem is excited to continue building great relationships with our builder partners as well as mentoring each apprentice and watching them become great A-grades for Vast.

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  • Andrew Avola

    Site Foreman

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  • Anthony DePietro

    Site Foreman

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  • Brendan Looney

    Site Foreman

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  • David Interligi

    Site Foreman

    A big part of David’s role is representing Vast Elecrical to our builder partners and the client. It’s his job to ensure the onsite team delivers a high-quality and professional installation in a safe and enjoyable working environment. At the same time he’s always looking for ways to better himself as a site foreman.

    David enjoys building relationships with everyone onsite. He aims to create a team environment where we get the job done on time and on spec, but also have fun in the process. He gets great satisfaction from seeing all that hard work come to fruition over the life of a project.

    David describes Vast as one big supportive family – from office staff to onsite teams, and from our leaders through to first-year apprentices. The high company morale across all jobs shows how strong the Vast culture is.

    A magpies tragic, David looks forward to facing new and bigger challenges. He will continue to learn better ways to do things from each project, and keep striving to be a better leader every day.

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  • Joel Eddy

    Site Foreman

    Joel’s role involves coordinating teams to provide the best outcome for the project. He liaises between the builder, other trades and our electricians to ensure things operate smoothly with an emphasis on continual improvement.

    A people person, Joel enjoys the challenge of each new project – there is a lot of information, planning and effort that needs to come together. He enjoys seeing a project evolve over time and producing a quality final product.

    Joel defines Vast Electrical as ‘good people’. The team is continually given opportunities to grow and improve.

    When he’s not jumping on a plane to the next travel destination, Joel is eager to develop his skill set within the industry through continuous learning and taking on new challenges.

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  • Matt Tabone

    Site Foreman

    Matt’s role is to coordinate all works from start to finish and be the key link between our office and building sites.

    Matt enjoys working with builders and other trades on site. He’s always looking to improve the way we do things, so he takes the time to teach his team not only how to do things but why we do them. He strives to be a role model for his onsite team, setting the right example for how we do things.

    He loves the simple but effective way we do things at Vast Electrical, which is embodied in our values and culture. He’s seen the company evolve and grow a lot over the last 10 years, but one constant is that we always look to improve and be better. It’s great to feel like he’s a part of Vast, not just a cog in a wheel.

    When he’s not at his cabin in Yarrawonga, Matt strives to do his role to the best of his abilities and enjoys being involved in a range of new and specialised projects.

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  • Steven Bogert

    Site Foreman

    Steven sees his role as delivering high-quality projects safely, on time and on budget.

    He enjoys finding innovative ways to complete difficult tasks, which includes improving productivity. He also loves leading and supporting a team to create quality work.

    It’s the people at Vast that stand out to Steven; everyone at all levels of the business has great passion and energy to do great work. He also loves the variety of projects we get to work on.

    A keen golfer and under 9’s football coach, Steven looks forward to completing his current projects which will deliver great benefits to the broader community. And then taking on the next challenge.

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